FAQs about Counselling and Psychotherapy

Online Therapy

Due to the impact of COVID-19, Maria now works exclusively online with individuals and couples using Zoom.  Online therapy can be as effective as face to face counselling. Please contact Maria to guide you through the process for online connection and appointments. 

Do you offer Health Fund Rebates?

Counselling rebates are available for eligible policy holders of  Australian Unity Health and Medibank Private. Conditions and procedures apply – please consult the individual companies for details.

 Australian Unity Health offers rebates for counselling for its members who have Life Choice and Life Choice Plus policies.

Medibank Private offers rebates for counselling for its members who have Family Essentials or Family Comprehensive policies.

How can I overcome my fear of seeing a Counsellor?

Seeking counselling is very difficult for most people.  I understand your ambivalence and with this in mind, I create a safe and accepting space  where you can share your story at your own pace.  You may choose not to tell me very personal issues initially, it’s important that you wait until you feel ready.  I work from a wellness model and do not make diagnoses. It is the life-force of every human being to want to be healthy and my purpose is to provide guidance through your journey.

How do I know you are the right Counsellor/Therapist for me?

The free 15 minute telephone consultation is a great opportunity for you to speak with me to find out if I am the right counsellor for you. When you book a session, although you can choose to stop anytime,  I  recommend you  commit to 3 sessions.  This will give you a good indication of how I work with you and if you feel confident I can help you.

 How often should I attend counselling or psychotherapy?

I recommend  we meet  weekly initially. This helps the continuity of the work and allows time in between the sessions to integrate and build on the material covered. Depending on your goals you may switch to fortnightly attendance. The most important factor is the level of commitment to your well being.  Clients that are committed to their growth  experience  better outcomes faster.

How long should I attend counselling or psychotherapy?

This varies according to individual goals and unique experiences. Most people find that a longer commitment to therapy will result with better outcomes and more permanent changes. I recommend initially to commit to 3 sessions for you to become familiar with the process and experience how I work.

How does counselling or psychotherapy work?

Counselling gives you the opportunity to explore thoughts, feelings, behaviours, beliefs and relationships in a safe, supportive and confidential relationship. Speaking to someone about what most deeply troubles you can often provide great relief. Exploration at greater depth can provide the opportunity for healing, freeing you from the past, learning life skills and much more. Greater self-understanding and self-acceptance can lead  to making better choices and providing you with quality of life.

Why do people come for counselling or psychotherapy?

People come for many different reasons but generally do so because something is not working in their lives. They may feel stuck or feel that they can’t go on and wish to talk in confidence with someone. Sometimes people come because they are in crisis as something has happened that has turned their  life upside down. Others come to talk things out, to get greater clarity if they are struggling with a decision. Sometimes people come because they want to understand themselves and what is happening in their lives. Or they want a deeper spiritual connection.

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