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Recommended Reading


Buddha’s Brain ~  Rick Hanson

Insight Dialogue ~ Gregory Kramer

Free 15 minute guided imagery: M3  Audio – Peaceful_Perspective


Individual Journey

Healing your Aloneness – Finding love and wholeness through your inner child ~  Erika J. Chopich and Dr. Margaret Paul

Healing the shame that binds you ~ John Bradshaw

Women Food and God ~  Geneen Roth

The truth will set you free ~ Alice Miller

Feel the fear and do it anyway ~  Susan Jeffers

Writing as a way of healing ~  Louise De salvo

Rescuing the inner child ~  Penny Parks


Couple Therapy

Hold Me Tight ~ by Susan Johnson

The 5 Languages of Love –

Getting all the love you want ~ by Harville Hendrix Ph.D.

The seven principles for making marriage work ~ by John M. Gottman


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