Maria shows great integrity in her professionalism and is truly understanding of my trauma.  The environment provided gives a sense of healing and calmness.  It made my trauma easy to talk about. In a matter of just six weeks, I am a different woman; a more stronger woman.  I feel confident now to deal with my big road ahead.  Most importantly, I feel empowered now; this is a great tool to have.  This is all thanks to Maria’s guidance and the outstanding experience she was able to provide to me in treatment.” D.S.

Carl Jung once said that the longest journey most of us have to take is from the head to the heart…Maria’s the most empathic and wisest companion anyone could ever be so lucky to have on this transformational and liberating journey” M.S.

We have been seeing Maria for over 12 months and it was the best investment we ever made.

We have learnt many things about ourselves and each other such as how to communicate effectively and understand our reactions and emotions to various situations. Our marriage is now stronger than ever, however we still continue to see Maria who has taken on more of a “Life Coach” role.

Maria has helped us both in our personal and professional growth. It is important to understand two things; don’t leave it too late to seek some outside help (it’s worth it) and don’t think that your problem or situation is too small. Maybe some guidance is all you need.

We joked the other day that Maria was like the training wheels on the bicycle of life.” T. & D.

M. and I are both communicating more than ever after our sessions with you. You are definitelyan amazing counsellor with a special gift in knowing how to connect with people and making people open up. I’ve recommended you to a friend I know who would benefit from some counselling. I thank you sincerely for all of the wonderful work you have done with us and for helping to enrich our relationship. Seeking your services is the best thing we’ve ever done for ourselves.” M. & E.

Maria has made a remarkable difference to the way I view and approach all aspects of my life including my work, relationships and friendships.

At a time in my life where I felt things were falling apart and I truly wanted to understand why I felt such turmoil Maria was able through patient and gentle yet persistent guidance to help me understand my thoughts, feelings and actions, where they came from and thus to change them positively.  The journey has not always been easy, but the rewards have been so much more than I could have imagined. My life now flows so much more easily and with joy.”  T.A.


Maria has been my Therapist for over two years. I went to her when I lost all hope on life and myself. With her kind nature and open heart, I found a place where I felt safe to express myself. I have gained a lot of confidence back. These days I am excited about life and what it has to offer. Maria helped me to unlock this amazing beautiful woman that I AM. I am very grateful for her counselling, wisdom and continuous support. S.S.

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