It is difficult to get clarity and objectivity of your situation when you are immersed in it.  Your options and possibilities may feel limited.  Simonetta Counselling provides the space and opportunity to explore with another person invested in your wellbeing to help you navigate through life.  This may be through learning new skills, releasing old patterns of behaviour, thinking, emotional responses, healing past issues or simply gaining insight and wisdom through exploration and deep understanding of your life, and life in general to create new meaning.

My client base includes men and women of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Their common link is a willingness and commitment to  transform their life and go through a process that empowers and enriches their life. They want to heal the past, grow and learn new life skills to become  more authentic.

I have a special interest in trauma treatment and also provide specialist treatment for the following:

Individual Counselling & Therapy

Is your relationship with yourself or with another causing pain?

Symptoms alert us that something is out of balance in our body/mind system. The more intense the symptoms the more we pay attention. Symptoms are therefore a gateway to the root cause that sits beneath the surface.

Conflict, whether within you or within your relationships, is alerting you that you are disconnected from yourself and others and often feel lonely, desperate, overwhelmed, withdrawn or angry. We all want to feel secure, safe and connected but often we are caught in our habitual way of reacting and we do not have the the skills or the knowledge to break old dysfunctional patterns.

We hide behind a false self fearful that others will not approve of our unacceptable parts. We build a wall around us to feel safe and protected but as a result we feel imprisoned  and unable to find the key to freedom. The key to freedom is facing our disowned parts in a safe and compassionate environment for healing and integration to occur. You may notice that when you feel good about yourself,  life flows. This cannot be sustained for any length of time without integrating all the parts that make the whole of you.

Do you feel disconnected from yourself & others?

  • Are you struggling with self image, self confidence, self esteem?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable in  social situations?
  • Are you overwhelmed emotionally?
  • Do you often feel anger, guilt, shame or loneliness?
  • Does fear stop you from doing the things you want to do?
  • Do you experience conflict in your relationships?
  • Do you feel dissatisfied in your career?
  • Do you experience on going physical pain?
  • Are you noticing your thoughts are often negative?
  • Are your beliefs & expectations leaving you disappointed and upset?
  • Are you constantly critical of yourself or others?
  • Are past  issues still affecting you today and can’t let go?
  • Are you struggling with addictions, eating disorders, obsessiveness, or self harm?

…stuck in the middle we fail to get to the heart.
~ Sri Mata Arritananda Mayi Devi

Couple Therapy

We all have basic attachment needs for protection, safety and closeness.  When these needs are not being met in our couple relationship, we become distressed  and attempt to repair the bond in a dysfunctional way. Insecurity and fear  of rejection and being hurt often stops us from communicating our core needs and wants.

Learning skills that creates safety  and deepening your communication that  expresses your true feelings,   honours you and your partner,  is a very important and  powerful skill to master that will lead to greater happiness and satisfaction. Read more on Couple Therapy.

Trauma Therapy

Many clients who present with a range of conditions such as addictions, anxiety, depression, shame, relationship difficulties have a history of significant childhood trauma.  Childhood trauma includes both abuse and neglect.  Physical and sexual abuse is more obvious than neglect.   Chronic childhood social and  emotional trauma is often under recognised and has a significant effect on adult mental health and relationships. Read more on  Trauma.

Spiritual Counselling

…to assist you on your journey of life

If you are a healer, health care practitioner, have been to counselling before or  looking for alternative therapy within a mainstream framework,  I tailor a treatment that combines all the elements of psychotherapy with a more spiritual practice. Read more about Spiritual Counselling.

Groups  & Workshops

Groups provide an opportunity for growth in a safe and supportive environment. Read more about Groups & Workshops.


If you are wondering about seeking counselling, you can take advantage of the free 15 minute phone consultation to see how I can help you.

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