Couple Therapy

How do you bond with your partner?

Do you blame and criticize each other?

Do you experience communication breakdown?

Do you feel there is a lack of safety,trust and intimacy in your relationship?

Do you notice the same issues resurfacing over and over again with no resolution?

Do you avoid certain topics for fear of causing an argument?

Do you feel you lack the skills to deal with the problems that arise in your relationship?

Couples become distressed when the bond between them is broken.  Old hurts arise over and over again and never get resolved.  The pain gets reburied until the next cycle. Patterns of relating take on a life of their own that define the relationship and the way the couples respond to each other. When there is disharmony in a relationship one or both partners may experience related symptoms such as depression, anxiety, resentment, unexplained physical pain, low self esteem and low self confidence.

We all have basic attachment needs for protection, safety and closeness.  When these needs are not being met in our couple relationship, we become distressed  and attempt to repair the bond in dysfunctional ways that compounds the problem. Insecurity and fear  of rejection and being hurt often stops us from communicating our core needs and wants.

Learning skills that creates safety  and deepening your communication that  expresses your true feelings,   honours you and your partner,  is a very important and  powerful skill to master that will lead to greater happiness and satisfaction

We have been seeing Maria for over 12 months and it was the best investment we ever made.We have learnt many things about ourselves and each other such as how to communicate effectively and understand our reactions and emotions to various situations. Our marriage is now stronger than ever, however we still continue to see Maria who has taken on more of a ‘Life Coach’ role.

Maria has helped us both in our personal and professional growth. It is important to understand two things; don’t leave it too late to seek some outside help (it’s worth it) and don’t think that your problem or situation is too small. Maybe some guidance is all you need.
We joked the other day that Maria was like the training wheels on the bicycle of life.” T. & D.

Would you like to learn how to:

Access & communicate your deeper needs and desires?    

Give & receive praise and validation?

Feel free to express every part of yourself?

Speak the language of love?

Understand the blocks that prevent deeper connection?

Reconnect in a healthy way after conflict?

Deepen intimacy?

Send and receive clear signals?

Deal with conflict in a most effective way?

create a positive cycle?

Get your needs met?

If you are parents or intending to become parents the best gift you can give your children is a strong and  healthy foundation. Couple Counselling can  help you create a renewed and secure bond in your relationship and reconnect to what brought you together in the first place.

If your partner does not wish to participate in couple therapy it is possible to come for individual therapy and work on your issues with the relationship. People that have taken up this option have benefited by efforts of their work in ways that has given them more clarity on choices available to them.

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If you would like  to deepen the bond in your partnership, are unsure about making an appointment and would like to discuss your needs and how I might  help you, please contact me for an obligation  free 15 minute consultation:

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