Groups & Workshops

Groups provide an opportunity for growth in a safe and supportive environment.

As an  experienced group leader I offer you the opportunity to explore a life changing experience where you can relate more intimately with others and yourself, a place to build confidence, face your fears.

Groups can help you to:

  • Establish a level of trust that allows you to talk personally and honestly.
  • Feel more hopeful as you connect with others with similar problems.
  • Learn alternative ways of solving your problems.
  • Learn new skills in communicating and relating with others openly and honestly
  • Gain insight and understanding in how you interact with others.
  • Develop deeper bond with yourself
  • Clarify your needs, wants and desires  

Participants have reported that being part of a group has given them a sense of connection and that they are not ‘weird’ or the only one’s experiencing those problems.


Groups offered throughout the year

Discovering Your True Self  – 29th May – 10th July, 2013

A healing journey to wholeness through love & wisdom

Wednesday night group work in Summer Hill

from 29th May to 10th July, 2013

7.00pm to 9.00pm

Discover and unlock the aspects that prevent you from being your true self. Explore, understand, process and integrate more of who we want to be.

Get to know yourself more deeply through meditation, interactive group process and experiential exercises.

We will use a psychodynamic approach and draw on the archetypal elements of a narrative to help you identify major obstacles and help you live a more authentic life.

  Maria Simonetta is a highly experienced Counselor & Psychotherapist working in private practice. She has many years experience running group workshops.

The numbers are limited. If interested,  please contact me for more information and registration on 0401673794 or


Group therapy

 10 week program

Group therapy is an opportunity to work in a group setting where relationships are explored.

Often we don’t know how we affect others and giving and receiving feedback in a safe and nurturing environment  is a great gift that benefit everyone in the group.  Taking the first step in deciding to be part of a group is often the hardest. The power of group allows you the freedom to be open, honest and courageous in taking the steps towards changing your life.

Group therapy is run once a week over 10 weeks.

Please call me on 0401673794 to register for class or email me at

The Authentic Woman – Group

6 week program

Over a period of 6 weekly sessions we explore:

  • Exploration of the  authentic self
  • The challenges faced in being authentic
  • Working with blocks & fears
  • Relationships and the risk in being authentic
  • Boundaries & Assertive Communication
  • Taking action in being more authentic

Session 1 begins 15th February, 2012

Goddess Power –One Day Workshop

Workshop – 1st October 2012

Learn about the Greek goddesses and the qualities they possess.  Which goddess do you indentify with and which goddess do you aspire to be?

Please call me on 0401673794 to register for class or email me at


The body heals when its in a relaxed state.  The mind  becomes calmer when there is mindful attention to one particular focus.  Choices are easier to make when we come from  a place of relaxation and not a place or reaction.

Stress is a major problem in our society today and many physical, emotional and mental ailments are connected to the stress levels in our lives. Although we may not be able to change our environment, we can change how we respond to stressful situations.

Learn to access your innate gifts of love, compassion, peace, joy and harmony that exist in  the sacred space within yourself through present moment awareness.  With regular practice every aspect of your life can  improve as you align yourself to your presence.

Find out how to meditate in a safe and supportive small group with likeminded people.

 Meditation class every Wednesday evening  at 7.30 am  for 1 hour at Summer Hill.

Please call Maria on 0401673794 to register for class or email at

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