The Role of Mother- The Nurturer and the Nurtured


The Archetypal Mother figure conjures up images in our minds of a warm, loving and supportive female form that is the rock and foundation of life itself for the child. The Mother gives never-ending unconditional love, like a continuous flow of a stream. Deep in our psyche we all yearn for such a Mother.

How perfect and divine would our world be if this were to be true? We are not meant to be perfect in our humanness –… Continue reading

The Intention of Joy in Giving and Receiving



We create a flow of abundance when our intention of giving is with an open heart. The true gift is the love and joy we experience through the act of giving. Physical gifts are symbols of our love and joy which flows through and opens the heart of the person receiving the gift. The more pure we can maintain our intention, the more we benefit.

The expression of love and joy can take many forms: thoughtful words, acts… Continue reading

How to Stop Worrying about the Past & Future and Live in the Present



The brain naturally defaults to negative brain activity and worry mode through the imagination either from past experiences or perceived future events. When people’s thinking drifts constantly to the past and the future, the mental, emotional and physical suffering intensifies that lead to stress, anxiety and depression.

We develop thought patterns when we get into the habit of repeating the same type of thinking over and over again, often based on fear and often without conscious awareness of… Continue reading

Understanding Your Anger and Its Gift to You

Anger is a hard wired emotion in our brain and is part of the fight or flight basic response to potential threat. It’s a signal experienced as emotional energy in the body that lets us know something is not right. It creates a boundary between us and the perceived threat. This threat can be anything from being hurt, violated, or our needs not being met, real or unreal.

We all experience anger to varying degrees. How we express it is… Continue reading

Seven Keys to Meeting Your Emotional Needs

For a child to thrive and grow healthy and emotionally, they need to have secure attachments to their parent/s or caregiver. The emotional needs of the child must be met with presence of mind and in a loving way that makes the child feel safe and secure in the world.

In a perfect world, a parent sees the needs of the child and responds with affection, empathy and mirroring. This creates a bond that gives the… Continue reading

Do I Choose Me or What Others Expect of Me?

We are often at crossroads between our needs, wants and desires and the needs, wants and desires of others. From a very young age we are conditioned to yield to the will of others. This is for good reason – as children we need boundaries and limits to navigate the world around without getting into danger.

One of our deepest human desires is a sense of belonging and to be part of a group. We learn very early that when… Continue reading

How to Strengthen Your Will-Power

Most of us struggle with having enough will-power to improve our character and our habits. We have an ideal self of how we would like to be and how we actually are. These two parts of our self are often in conflict where one part wants to achieve the goals of choice and another part feels lazy and lacks the motivation to take action and put the energy and effort into the goal of our choice.

When we are well… Continue reading

Are you Choosing to Activate Joy in your Life?




There is a wellspring of joy within all of us that is our inherent state of wholeness. At times, the feeling of joy arises spontaneously when we see a newborn baby, take a walk in nature, spend time with a friend or simply do something we enjoy.

Joy is that great feeling of pleasure, happiness and love felt as you open the heart. It’s sensed all over the face and body, like a glow of sunshine. Joy… Continue reading

12 Keys to a Successful Relationship

1. Make friendship your number one priority. When you choose friendship with each other it’s easier to navigate through the tough times in your relationship. Get to know each other’s likes dislikes, wishes, dreams, hopes, values. Make a conscious decision to focus on the good qualities of your partner as this will grow your intimacy.

2. View challenges life brings from your wise self. Relationships like individuals go through different stages and challenges that two people must overcome to stay… Continue reading

Reaction vs. Response: How to train your brain to respond and not react

Reactivity is a basic primitive impulse set off by the lower automatic brain to activate the defending and attacking system. Its purpose is for self-preservation and self-protection set off by the Amygdala in responds to threat. The Amygdala is a kind of “alarm bell” that responds to negative stimuli.

When we are triggered, our physiological automatic reaction is set off even before our mind registers we are are reacting. At this point our pre-frontal cortex becomes disengaged. The pre-frontal cortex… Continue reading

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