The Intention of Joy in Giving and Receiving




We create a flow of abundance when our intention of giving is with an open heart. The true gift is the love and joy we experience through the act of giving. Physical gifts are symbols of our love and joy which flows through and opens the heart of the person receiving the gift. The more pure we can maintain our intention, the more we benefit.

The expression of love and joy can take many forms: thoughtful words, acts of kindness, gentle touch, listening, giving of our time, act of service, preparing a meal, etc.

Whenever you express these with the pure intention of giving, the flow is maintained. As you keep the intention in your awareness, your love and joy of giving will grow. It will be felt by others around you and it establishes a new pathway that flows with grace and ease.

In our culture, there is an expectation that when we give a gift, we receive something back of similar value. We become caught up in the hype of the material world and commercialism. When we pause to reflect about our intention, we can reset our flow to one of love and joy.

Many people have a fear of receiving, which can block the flow of receiving. If you identify that you hold a negative belief – that you don’t deserve or feel unworthy to receive love, abundance success, money, etc. – you find that your belief is limiting the flow of abundance. With a little effort and commitment, you can shift to thinking more positively, since the negative belief is not the truth.

Here are 7 steps to shift your perception towards the flow of giving and receiving.

1. Create an intention to observe and discover your negative belief (e.g. I don’t deserve happiness)
2. Breathe deeply several times until you feel lighter and more open
3. Allow any fears and negative beliefs to come into your awareness. If necessary forgive yourself for any judgment you or others have had in the past.
4. Open up to feel compassion for yourself for having these beliefs which limit your full potential.
5. As you focus on your breath, acknowledge any feelings and thoughts you are experiencing emotionally.
6. Choose to let them go as you breathe out until you feel a lighter again.
7. Breathe in the positive belief you prefer to adopt (e.g. I now choose to be happy), even if you don’t completely believe the new affirmation yet.

Repeat these steps whenever you become aware of your negative belief and reinstate the positive belief you have chosen. Trust that this process will work when you follow through each step.

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