How Your Self-Talk Affects Your Self Esteem

Your self-talk is an indication of how you relate to yourself and reveals your self-limiting-beliefs. Self-talk not only impacts on your self-esteem and self-confidence but also all your relationships.

Self-talk is your inner voice that’s running your inner commentary in the background of your mind. When you reflect on your thoughts, words and actions with the intent to learn about yourself in a non judgmental way, you become more conscious of your inner processes. Awareness amplifies what already exists within you – negative self-talk activates negative feelings and positive self-talk activates positive feelings.

Your thoughts have a profound impact on you. Use the power of thought to improve your self esteem. Thoughts carry vibrational energy that either lowers or raises your energy. Work towards supporting your wellbeing by choosing uplifting thoughts. Feed your conscious mind nourishing and wholesome thoughts or your subconscious/automatic mind will run its own program. Align your self-talk to reflect the relationship you would desire from a best friend.

Self-judgment and self-blame is part of the human condition and activates feelings of anger and guilt. Feeling angry and guilty moves you away from feeling positive about yourself to feeling negative and unhappy, bringing your mood down.

Being open to learning about yourself is the most loving thing you can do. Wake up every morning and go to sleep every night by choosing kind, loving and caring thoughts that uplift, connect and expand your sense of Self.

Experiment – Daily Practice

1. Notice self blame, self critisicm or other negative thoughts

2. Have compassion for yourself

3. Forgive yourself for the negative thoughts

4. Choose positive and uplifting thoughts

To master your thoughts you need will-power and a steadfast daily practice to begin your transformation and experience a new you!

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