Seven Things to Do and Seven Things to Avoid to Improve your Relationships

We react from a place that is often automatic and creates a perpetual cycle of pain and suffering for all concerned. We blame the other person for doing or saying the wrong thing. When we take a step back, take our time and reflect on our goals we can take steps towards building a better relationship.

Each word can either destroy or build a relationship. If our goal is to have a fulfilling relationship with our loved ones we need… Continue reading

Grief as a Doorway to Love

“The grief within me has its own heartbeat. It has its own life, its own song. Part of me wants to resist the rhythms of my grief, yet as I surrender to the song, I learn to listen deep within myself” ~ Alan Wolfelt

In life we are constantly challenged to let go of people, places, things and situations. Often, we think of grief related to losing someone through death, however grief comes in many disguises and forms. We experience… Continue reading

Seven Steps to Activate Self Love

Immature love demands love from another —mature love seeks love from within

We cannot truly love others without  having love for ourselves first. If we don’t regularly fill up our hearts with love,  eventually we become depleted and empty. The most fulfilling and rewarding love is self  love. To activate the essence of self love we need to open our heart to love. We need to keep the heart open for love grow in our hearts.… Continue reading

Addiction to Relationship Drama


Are you addicted to drama in your relationships? Are you often attracted to partners that you perceive as being exciting and intense? Is your relationship sign-posted with intense feelings?

Drama addiction is not a conscious choice, but a coping strategy that temporarily helps to relieve the loneliness or tension one feels inside. The coping strategy comes from a learned behavior before one’s language was fully developed. It’s a distraction from the empty feeling inside. The drama created is an… Continue reading

The Matrix Of Our Beliefs And The Choices We Make

We have a matrix of beliefs that drives our personality. Lurking beneath the surface of our consciousness we are often are unaware of their existence. Although beliefs feel like second nature to us and we have through strong attachment to them, they are not our original nature. We have either inherited them through our family and society or we have created them through our own experiences.

When beliefs leak onto the surface, we justify them to ourselves in order to… Continue reading

Love Relationships: How Our Expectations Can Destroy Our Happiness

Love Relationships: How our expectations can destroy our happinessRelationships can be both painful and fulfilling. We all want to be loved, nurtured and cared for. The most rewarding feeling is the connection we make when we bond deeply with the love of our life. The longer we are in a relationship,

we discover  more differences surface and the connection we once experienced fluctuates.Without realizing, we set ourselves up for failure when we place expectations on ourselves, others and… Continue reading

How Your Self-Talk Affects Your Self Esteem

Your self-talk is an indication of how you relate to yourself and reveals your self-limiting-beliefs. Self-talk not only impacts on your self-esteem and self-confidence but also all your relationships.

Self-talk is your inner voice that’s running your inner commentary in the background of your mind. When you reflect on your thoughts, words and actions with the intent to learn about yourself in a non judgmental way, you become more conscious of your inner processes. Awareness amplifies what already exists within… Continue reading

Welcome to our blog

My website has finally gone live after many months of working on it.   It has not being an easy process,  I have had to learn a lot of new things the hard way.  I am still learning about the different social media and hope to understand the process as I use it. It’s very satisfying that all the hard work has finally paid off.   Please look around the website, and if you wish, you may let… Continue reading

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